This is where some of the more useful things concerning my studies will be uploaded. Expect more German texts than anywhere else on my website. You have been warned.

Ich habe Mathematik in Heidelberg studiert. Hier sind einige interessante Dinge zu finden, die sich im Laufe der Semester angehäuft haben.

Papers, talks, and written assignments

Software practicals

It is customary for math students with a minor in computer science to work on a bigger project that requires, among others, programming skills. At the time of me writing this, I have successfully completed two projects:


Eukalyptos is a remote control application for Lego Mindstorms robots. For this project, I worked with Carlos and Lutz. We had lots of fun and got tons of experience points, which we all spent on our C/C++ skills. See for yourself and visit the homepage of our project.

r++ and devrpp

r++ and devrpp are free, platform-independent replacements for the roboBASIC IDE. Lutz and I created a compiler and a GUI application that allow users to program the Hitec Robonova robot. We hope that these programs become useful for the community of robot programmers. More information is available on our project homepage (in English, although some documents are offered only in German).


Some instructive programs:

  • comphom, a program to compute homology groups.
  • OpenGL/GLUT programs which might prove interesting for beginners in graphics programming.