Simple experiments with speech detection
Posted late Tuesday evening, December 30th, 2014
Volume rendering for DICOM images
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Lissacurses - Lissajous curves on the console
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Markov chains for Christmas
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Rectangular selections with Qt and OpenSceneGraph
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Updated archives & Turing's article
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constexpr and floating point rounding behaviour
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Frak, an interpreter for the brainf*ck language
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Visualizing a security disaster, part II
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Why the Heartbleed Bug does not invalidate the spirit of open source
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Making Qt and OpenSceneGraph play nice
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Building a FreeBSD NAS, part III: ZFS
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A better SSL configuration for Apache 2
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EtherCurve, a tool for visualizing network packets
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Extracting audio from DVD images
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Crypto smells
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