The new year starts with a new (very short) HOWTO about gnokii, a suite of tools for managing Nokia mobile phones. I used it to dump my phone's address book to a VCARD file. Maybe this helps someone out there.

On an unrelated note, these are my plans for the first months of 2011:

  • Add content of diploma thesis to my website
  • Change sectioning and layout
  • Fiddle with themes
  • Migrate this bloggy-blaggy-thingy to ikiwiki

Apart from that, there is a metric frackload of articles in my head. Unfortunately, they are unwritten thus far.

Posted late Tuesday evening, January 4th, 2011 Tags:

It is done. I converted my blog from NanoBlogger to ikiwiki (I will post more details soon). Finally, all my content is managed by one system only. I will try to make use of ikiwiki's capabilities, especially those nice tags, which may now be assigned to blog posts and normal pages. Very nice.

My human readers should not have noticed any differences. I added appropriate RedirectMatch rules to my virtual host configuration. Still, it was impossible for me to retain the old layout. Hence, there are some changes (at least for the moment):

  • No more individual feeds per tag
  • No more individual archives per tag
  • No links to other blogs and homepages
  • No recent entries
  • No meta information about the blog (number of articles etc.)

I am currently thinking about good ways of managing the content. As soon as I have found a suitable concept, I will reintegrate anything that strikes me as useful. In the meantime, enjoy the positive changes:

  • More tags (such as the news tag for articles dealing with new content on my homepage)
  • Unified design
  • A nice tag cloud
  • More usability (at least for me)

Upon rereading the first paragraph, I felt the need to explain my decision about NanoBlogger: The program itself is by no means flawed. However, I have outgrown its intented scope, I guess. NanoBlogger was very nice when the website was a shambles of hand-written HTML. Using ikiwiki was the first step towards the retirement of NanoBlogger: ikiwiki makes it simply too easy to turn any page into blog...

So, thanks to the NanoBlogger developers (deber and n1xt3r). Blogging with NanoBlogger was quite a ride and I still love the concept of posting from the shell (which is what I am doing right now, too...).

Posted Sunday night, January 23rd, 2011 Tags:

I published a new article about some elementary statistics for the weapons in Doom - The Boardgame. The article is expected to be updated with statistics for the monsters as soon as I have some free time.

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