Whenever I tried watching DVDs using mplayer, FreeBSD reported some strange problems via xconsole:

acd0: FAILURE - REPORT\_KEY ILLEGAL REQUEST asc=0x6f ascq=0x04

I was quite puzzled because - upon closer investigation - some DVDs worked literally out of the box, while others did not show anything. They just kept reporting this error. Finally, it dawned on me that the region code was probably wrong (I got that idea from the T10 drafts section). Indeed, in the annex of the MMC-3 draft were some error codes:


Unfortunately, I don't know a way to change the region code from FreeBSD directly (most tools do not compile because of things that are different under FreeBSD). So I rebooted with a spare live-CD of Xubuntu and armed my USB stick with regionset (FWIW, I used the RPM version).

Some minutes later, everything worked - finally. My dearest thanks to the Xubuntu and LinVDR team...

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After the last cvsup and portupgrade, sylpheed-claws was now known as claws-mail. Now gpg didn't work anymore. Some googling mentioned that the program tries to use gpg-agent. So I changed my configuration accordingly and installed pinentry-qt, a graphical passphrase dialog utility.

This is my gpg-agent.conf. It belongs in your local .gnupg/-directory:

pinentry-program /usr/local/bin/pinentry-qt
default-cache-ttl 3600

You also have to add use-agent to your local gpg.conf (probably in .gnupg/, too).

To start the gpg-agent, add `evalgpg-agent --daemon`` to your.login`-file or wherever you need. By now your gpg-support should be functional (again).

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