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Every homepage needs a section where visitors can find information about the author. After all, this is Web 2.0. Below are some pictures of me, including a recent portrait and a somewhat more artistic depiction of me receiving the official geek distress signal while lurking over the rooftops as a software vigilante. The red hat does not indicate a preferred Linux distribution.

A 2018 portrait of me A 2017 portrait of me A geek's distress signal

Who am I?

  • I have a personal homepage. You are visiting it at the moment.
  • On this homepage, I have a blog, whose posts are mostly quick notes about things I don’t want to forget.
  • I have a profile on ResearchGate for collecting publications and simplifying academic exchanges. I used to have a profile on, but found ResearchGate to be more relevant.
  • I also have a Google+ profile, but I mainly use it as an outlet to write about the posts that appear in my blog.
  • I have a Twitter account although I don’t even know how this Twitter thing is supposed to work.

Note that you won’t find me on Facebook, because I very much dislike it. Since my name is not that unique, Facebook profiles of Bastian Rieck might exist, but I am not affiliated with any of them. Unfortunately, as this article shows, Facebook will probably have some information about me anyway. Well, I tried.

A more concise description of my (professional) life so far can be obtained from reading my curriculum vitæ. A more entertaining read is my geekcode:

Version: 3.12
GM/CS d--(++) s-: a->? C++>++++ UBL++ P++ L+ E--- W++ N o? K
w O? M- V? PS+@ PE- Y+>++ PGP++>+++ t+@ 5? X+ R* !tv b++ DI++>++++
D+ G++>++++ e* h r* y?

See what some random tests say about me:

If I were a Springer-Verlag Graduate Text in Mathematics, I would be Bela Bollobas’s Modern Graph Theory.

I am an in-depth account of graph theory, written with the student in mind; I reflect the current state of the subject and emphasize connections with other branches of pure mathematics. Recognizing that graph theory is one of several courses competing for the attention of a student, I contain extensive descriptive passages designed to convey the flavor of the subject and to arouse interest.

Which Springer GTM would you be? The Springer GTM Test

You are Assembly. You enjoy your work, and enjoy doing it as fast as you can. You have a hard time getting attention. Try showing off a bit more.
Which Programming Language are You?

You are .pdf. No matter where you go you look the same. You are an acrobat. Nothing is more important to you than the printed word.
Which File Extension are You?

Furthermore, according to Fantasy Herald, I am a Lawful Good Halfling Mage Druid. Yet another test, however, made me a Lawful Neutral Elf Wizard (3rd Level) with the following abilities:

  • Strength - 11
  • Dexterity - 12
  • Constitution - 12
  • Intelligence - 19
  • Wisom - 14
  • Charisma - 12

Contact me

If you want to contact me, please send an e-mail to or You can also use the latter handle for contacting me via Jabber.

I prefer encrypted conversations. Please use my public key.

There are other people with the same name out there. If you stumble over my name anywhere else, it is most certainly not me.


In Germany, websites are required by law to show some address information about their owners. As a courtesy towards the smart politicians who crusaded for this law, I am including this information as well—even though this website is neither hosted in Germany nor does it use a German domain.


Verantwortlich für diese Webseite ist im Sinne aller geltenden deutschen Gesetze:

Bastian Rieck
Zum Rittersberg 22
69231 Rauenberg


...this website

I have used the excellent ikiwiki wiki compiler to create most of these pages. The original content has been ported from static HTML pages.

The site is hosted on a virtual server by DigitalOcean. So far, I am quite satisfied with the quality of their services.

Some of these days, I’ll add more content to this section. In the meantime, enjoy a list of broken links in the wiki:

There are no broken links!

If this list is non-empty for a prolonged period of time, please notify me.